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Rosalyn’s mission is to keep assessments fair. We’re devoted to making sure that no one gains an unfair advantage or compromises the integrity of assessments.

Founded in 2017, Rosalyn is the industry’s first truly scalable remote proctoring solution. With human-in-the-loop technology, we’re an innovative online exam proctoring company that higher education institutions can count on and that students can trust.

Rosalyn AI: An Innovative Online Exam Proctoring Company for Higher Education

In a world where technology has revolutionized the way online assessments are conducted, we at Rosalyn saw an opportunity to create comfortable, ethical exam experiences while maintaining test integrity. 

In recent years, academic institutions have experienced unprecedented growth in online education. Today, universities conduct hundreds to thousands of online exams monthly, and maintaining test integrity has never been more crucial. At the same time, assessments must be fair and protect the dignity of students. As the most innovative online exam proctoring company for higher education, Rosalyn uses cutting-edge technology and human insight to benefit students, educators, and institutions alike.

Key Features

Prevention & Deterrence. Rosalyn removes the temptation for candidates to cut corners by verifying test-taker IDs at the beginning of the exam and continuously throughout thus limiting system capabilities during the test session.

Arbitration. Potential test violations are flagged by AI based on clear and objective criteria and then reviewed by human proctors in real time. Our human-in-the-loop technology provides efficiency and consistency of automation while keeping final decision-making authority in human hands.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Rosalyn system uses purpose-built AI models trained on a proprietary database of test-takers from all over the world, representing a wide range of body types, skin tones, and neurotypes. This broad dataset and narrow focus reduce algorithmic bias and helps ensure that tests are fair to students of all walks of life. Unbiased assessments level the playing field and allow each person to show the fruits of their hard work and talent.

Superior Student Experiences. Rosalyn is designed in collaboration with our industry-first Student Advisory Board to deliver a superior, less stressful, and respectful experience for students. Student insight continually guides our product development, allowing us to make meaningful adjustments and quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Scalability. Our system focuses on events rather than sessions. The result is a scalable, dynamic, and cost-effective solution that gives institutions more flexibility than ever before.

Global Reach. Rosalyn allows students to take tests anywhere, anytime. Rosalyn is a seamless extension of your LMS that can operate on a wide range of operating systems, even in low-bandwidth environments.

Data Protection. Rosalyn respects students’ privacy by minimizing the intrusiveness of test monitoring and upholding the highest security standards for the data we capture.

Supporting Access to Education

At Rosalyn, we believe everyone has a right to learn. Our student-focused solution is continuously refined to meet the evolving needs of test-takers and institutions to support the educational process. With our revolutionary approach, you can help students achieve their goals while preserving academic integrity in a rapidly changing landscape.

We use artificial intelligence technology combined with human insight to deter, detect, and discover threats to exam integrity and ensure a secure and comfortable proctoring experience. To learn more about our innovative online exam proctoring company for higher education request a demo.

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