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Our Mission

Rosalyn’s mission is to keep assessments fair. We’re devoted to making sure that no one gains an unfair advantage and compromises the integrity of assessments.

Fair is fair. Everyone deserves their shot, no matter where they come from. Unbiased assessments level the playing field and allow each person to show the fruits of their hard work and talent. Historically, advantages are generational.  Someone who goes to the right preschool has a better chance of getting into the right college, which sets them up for further success. Objective assessment is the great equalizer.  Whether they live in their car or a Park Avenue condo, a high school graduate with 1600 on the SAT can write their own ticket. In every stage of life, school, college, and professional development, fair assessments equalize opportunity and certify excellence.

Objective assessment has always been the gatekeeper for the most important jobs. We want to be sure that folks have the knowledge and expertise to do their jobs competently. Lawyers have to pass the bar and brain surgeons need to be board-certified.  These exams are invigilated scrupulously because no one wants a doctor who cut corners to pass their medical exam.  Our world now is built on interconnected, ever-changing layers of technology and process. As our world has become more complex, more jobs require a level of knowledge and expertise on par with lawyers and doctors. A STEM degree from a university is just the start of the life-long learning that is required in almost every profession. The meteoric rise of distance learning has helped democratize access to higher education and professional development. But access is just one half of the equation. Objective assessment is the half that separates the wheat from the chaff. Exam scores reward those who apply themselves and weed out those who have more work to do. Assessments are vital to the learning process itself. Formative assessments like quizzes tell teachers how well they are teaching and inform students of their strengths and faults.  None of this works, however, if the integrity of the exams is compromised.  

That’s why Rosalyn is focused on developing the most accurate, cost-effective, and scalable remote proctoring system for educational institutions and certifying organizations. We use artificial intelligence technology to deter, detect, and discover threats to exam integrity.  Our vigilance is tempered with the utmost respect for students and the learning process itself. Not every test is a make-or-break. Taking any exam shouldn’t be a nerve-wracking trial.  We focus as much on the student experience as the efficiency of our system. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are design principles in our remote proctoring system.  Performing well for the widest range of body shapes, skin tones and neurotypes is vital to maintaining the integrity of our invigilation as much as the test itself.

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Noorullah Akbari

Co-Founder and CEO

A three-time entrepreneur, Noor knows how access to technology can transform one’s life. Growing up poor in civil war era Afghanistan, the catalyst for his own transformation was the gift of a computer. That first computer led Noor to found Afghanistan's first digital printing shop. A year later, Noor sold the company to a government-backed enterprise to mark his first successful exit. Following stints as a translator and political advisor for the US military in Afghanistan, Noor emigrated to the United States and founded a language testing company. The idea for Rosalyn’s scalable remote proctoring solution came from the challenge of assessing the language skills in far flung and sometimes hostile environments.  He partnered with machine learning expert Martin Jakobson to design the system and soon realized the value it could bring to the larger global assessment market.


Martin Jakobsson

Co-Founder and CTO

Martin’s passion is to use technology to bring economic and educational opportunity to millions of people globally. For a decade prior to Rosalyn.ai, Martin led research and development projects in image processing, computer vision and AI at startups and leading international projects (with several acquisition exits). Martin holds several patents and software he has written has shipped in over a billion devices worldwide. His expertise in commercializing products employing multiple applications of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, behavior analysis, text mining, and automatic scoring informs the architecture and engineering of Rosalyn’s solution. Martin holds an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from Lund University, Sweden and UIUC and shares his time between Sweden, Ireland and the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an avid distance runner and outdoorsman.


Sabin Speiser

Head of Marketing

Sabin brings a unique balance of capabilities in marketing, thought leadership, and business development to Rosalyn. Prior to Rosalyn.ai, Sabin launched Unison.com and created the homeownership investment category, cementing Unison’s place as the undisputed leader.  Previously at social media monitoring pioneer Overtone, he evangelized natural language processing to analyze massive quantities of consumer generated content for topic and sentiment.  Over 20 years of building teams and communities of users, developers, managers, and media, Sabin helps build market support for emerging technology. Committed to helping the world become more just, equitable, and sustainable, Sabin sees Rosalyn’s AI-powered invigilation as a critical to equal education opportunity. Living in San Francisco, he is also an avid public speaker and fitness enthusiast.


Shannon Forte

Enterprise Sales

Shannon’s mission is to make the world better through using educational technology. She has supported that mission for over 10 years with startups and industry leaders like Turnitin and Blackboard, and now leading sales strategy for Rosalyn. Her success at driving exponential revenue growth helped speed the acquisitions of multiple edtech companies. As a Solutions Engineer at D2L and Blackboard she developed deep knowledge in integrating edtech into the ecosystems of educational institutions of a wide range of types and sizes. A South Florida transplant from Oklahoma, she and her 10 year old son can often be found playing board games, charades, and walking their pandemic pup, Milli. At any given time, Shannon is reading two books; one self-help and one science fiction.

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