About Us

Our platform reimagines the assessment and certification process for companies and their employees, partners and customers.

Our Mission

We believe in merit. You can test for it. But testing must be fair and accurate. It has to be unencumbered by technicalities, procedural hoops, personal feelings or cognitive bias. A degree from a fancy school may show merit, but most global citizens will never get the chance to earn one. Everyone should have a shot at proving their bona fides no matter who they are or where they are from.

The world needs more fair tests. eLearning is ascendant and certification is fast on its heels. Our world is built on countless, ever-changing layers of technology and process. A degree may prove your general problem-solving skills but doesn’t show your mastery of the specific domain of knowledge that’s most valuable right now. Employers, partners and customers crave assurances that people have the skills and ability needed to do their jobs. Professional and technical certifications answer that need. Rosalyn’s mission is to help companies and organizations to scale up their certification programs fast. We help them reach more candidates in more places, so that everyone can be judged fairly on merit and realize their human potential.

Noorullah Akbari
Co-Founder and CEO

A three-time entrepreneur, Noor knows access to technology can transform one’s life. Growing up poor in Afghanistan during the civil war, the catalyst for his own transformation was a computer his mother gave him. He’d wanted a VCR, but his mom was convinced that computers were the wave of the future. His experience with that first computer led Noor to found Afghanistan's first digital printing shop.

Martin Jakobsson
Co-Founder and CTO

Martin’s passion is to use technology to bring economic and educational opportunity to millions of people globally. For a decade before Rosalyn.ai, Martin led research and development projects in image processing, computer vision and AI at startups and leading international projects (with several acquisition exits). Martin holds several patents and software he has written has shipped in over a billion devices worldwide.

Sabin Speiser
Chief Marketing Officer

Working with start-ups to create value for ordinary people is Sabin’s metier. Equal parts storyteller and data-driven growth hacker, Sabin loves the challenge of making technology intelligible to an broad audience. Concerned about the climate crisis, Sabin sees the necessity of a vast expansion in learning and certification to supply expert talent to tackle this existential threat throughout the global community. Previously, as Managing Director of Marketing for Unison.com, Sabin brought the category of home ownership investment to the market and established Unison as the undisputed leader.

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