Choosing an Online Proctoring Solution for College and University Students

The shift to online exam administration drives the need for secure testing for college and university students.

Academic integrity is at the core of operations for higher education institutions. Today, many institutions are turning to an online proctoring solution to deter common test infractions, secure assessments, and provide remote testing opportunities while maintaining test reliability. But to ensure positive exam experiences, the solution you choose must be developed with students in mind.

Online Proctoring: College and University

Covid-19 has thrust online learning into the spotlight, but the advantages of remote education go far beyond the pandemic. From eliminating geographic barriers to increasing accessibility to students with disabilities to making test-taking more convenient for working students, online exams are helping more people take part in higher education. This includes:

Certificate programs

Undergraduate programs

Graduate programs

To meet the need for online testing, colleges and universities need secure, scalable, and cost-efficient solutions. Just as importantly, those solutions need to be comfortable and easy for students to use. The best online proctoring software will:

Proctoring solutions that enhance the test-taking experience can ultimately benefit students, educators, and institutions alike.

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Rosalyn AI: A Cutting-Edge Solution

Whether you are continuing online assessments as a response to Covid-19 or want to encourage students to test where they are most comfortable, Rosalyn provides an innovative solution for colleges, universities, and credentialing bodies. 

Prevention. Rosalyn removes the temptation to cut corners in many ways including, ID check, browser lockdown, preventing use of prohibited materials, blocking communication apps and external monitors, and more.

Human Insight. All events flagged by the AI are reviewed by human proctors in real time in order to protect exam integrity in real time.

Unbiased Software. We train our AI on our own proprietary database of nearly 250,000 sessions that represent test-takers from all over the world, minimizing the risk of algorithmic bias.

Machine Learning. Our system is continually learning from every session and applies that new knowledge instantly, swiftly improving accuracy.

Robust Data Protection. Rosalyn collects data required to verify a student’s identity, test information, and results. We disclose precisely which data is being collected, how it will be used, and how long it will be retained after the exam. Rosalyn never sells data to third parties.

Our student-focused proctoring system is redefining how proctoring happens and expanding opportunities for higher education in an increasingly digital world.

Rosalyn offers state-of-the-art online proctoring at a college and university level. To learn more about our innovative approach request a demo.

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