Online Proctoring Benefits:
Cost Savings Through Scalability

Scalability is key to ensuring online proctoring solutions meet the evolving needs of educational institutions.

The cost of overseeing exams online can quickly get out of hand. The scalability of Rosalyn’s online proctoring system benefits institutions by improving affordability while reducing logistical challenges.

Most remote proctoring models become unreliable, unaffordable, or both when used on a large scale. As demand for online proctoring continues to grow, institutions need innovative and flexible solutions to ensure academic integrity is maintained and costs are kept in check.

Scalable Online Proctoring Benefits Students and Institutions

Human proctors are an invaluable part of the invigilation process because of their refined judgment.  But relying solely on human proctoring often forces you to choose between affordability and quality. While administering a few tests online may be sustainable with human proctors, hiring enough proctors to oversee the exams of tens of thousands of students is an enormous expense. Trying to minimize this expense by increasing the test-proctor ratio can quickly compromise accuracy. Even if you are willing to spend a lot, coordinating a large number of human proctors can introduce significant logistical challenges.

With the high cost of human proctors, institutions often try to achieve cost savings by deploying fully automated AI-based proctoring solutions. While automated invigilation systems may be scalable, they can introduce serious privacy concerns and may not provide reliable results. At their worst, they perpetuate systemic inequality and damage trust between students and institutions.

Advanced solutions that combine human judgment with artificial intelligence can improve the online exam experience for students and educators while offering greater scalability.

Rosalyn’s innovative human-in-the-loop system uses purpose-built AI to flag potential violations as a first layer of protection. Flagged events are then sent to human proctors for review. This means that the number of human proctors can be greatly reduced. By focusing on events rather than sessions, Rosalyn offers a scalable, dynamic, and cost-effective solution that means online proctoring benefits students and institutions alike.

Going Beyond Cost

With Rosalyn, online proctoring benefits go beyond cost savings:

Availability. Rosalyn’s invigilation solution requires very low bandwidth and uses cloud architecture (AWS), allowing students to take exams virtually anywhere.

Scheduling. University scheduling can be unpredictable. With Rosalyn, institutions can easily ingest and customize information, making the scheduling process easier.

Flexibility. With Rosalyn, administering asynchronous tests is simple, giving educators and students greater flexibility.

Fairness. Rosalyn reduces algorithmic bias by training our AI on large proprietary datasets that include people of all skin tones, genders, ethnicities, and abilities in test-taking environments.

Reliability. Proctor fatigue is a serious concern that can compromise test results and student trust in the proctoring process. With Rosalyn, proctors only evaluate flagged events rather than constantly monitoring students, improving their ability to perceive events correctly.

You don’t have to choose between quality and affordability. Rosalyn’s cutting-edge human-in-the-loop model offers a scalable solution that meets the complex and changing needs of students, educators, and institutions.

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