Don't Settle With Online Proctoring Software for University Programs—There’s a Better Way

With online proctoring software, university programs can quickly adapt to new and changing student needs. But not all solutions are alike.

As universities continue their shift to online exam administration, remote proctoring is critical. But software-based proctoring solutions raise many questions. Can academic dishonesty truly be prevented in online settings? Will reliance on software create barriers to learning? Will students feel comfortable?

Many institutions are finding that common online proctoring software for university programs fails to address the needs of students, instructors, and administrators. Nevertheless, technology is advancing rapidly and so is the proctoring industry.

Online Proctoring Software: University Concerns

The transition from in-person to remote learning required universities around the world to develop plans for online test administration. For most, that included online proctoring. According to a 2020 EDUCAUSE poll, “Half of institutions (54%) are currently using online or remote proctoring services, and another 23% are planning or considering using them.”

Staying agile has been—and remains—critical to keeping education accessible to students in a time of upheaval. However, the need to make rapid changes has often led to unwise decisions. As Susan Greyek notes, “In their haste to deploy some forms of remote proctoring, institutions are spending money they don't have to acquire products they don't fully understand.”


58% had cost concerns

51% had concerns about student privacy

41% had concerns about whether the products will actually work.

These numbers suggest that it’s time for many institutions to reevaluate their proctoring approach.

Rosalyn: An All-in-One Solution

Rosalyn’s human-in-the loop proctoring technology addresses common concerns universities have about online proctoring software.

Privacy. Students care deeply about data privacy. So do we. Rosalyn has a fully transparent data capture and usage policy and always asks for students' consent before using their data for any purpose other than proctoring the test they are currently taking.

Access with Low Bandwidth. Rosalyn allows students to complete exams from virtually anywhere, even in low-bandwidth environments, making it possible to reduce online testing anxiety and bias in online proctoring.

Affordability. Proctor expenses can quickly add up when used on a large scale. Rosalyn’s event-based proctoring system strategically reduces reliance on human proctors, which makes our solution uniquely scalable and affordable.

Human-in-the-loop. Rosalyn combines AI with human wisdom to create more comfortable exam experiences and support academic fairness. Rosalyn has several layers of protection and ensures that all final decisions are made by humans.

At Rosalyn, we are committed to protecting each student’s right to learn. By creating user-friendly proctoring solutions that benefit students, educators, and universities alike, we expand the possibilities of online education and open the door to better opportunities.

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