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Online testing software built for HR

From skills test to assessing aptitude, with over 60 question types, we've got you covered.


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Improve Recruitment Effectiveness‎ with our Online Pre-Employment Testing Platform

  • Proctest understands that recruitment is both an art and science, using modern technology to offer the right balance when it comes to recruitment support services.
  • We realize the need for careful selection and planning in your industry, and are equipped to partner with you on that journey.



Powerful Test Creation

  • 60+ question types including for Common Core
  • Add/remove questions/answers quickly and easily
  • Simple scheduling for one or 100 students
  • Automated grading for non-written/spoken tests
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Cheat-Free Zone

  • Record and review video
  • Screen and keyboard captures 
  • Real-time, staffed proctoring available
  • Auto-generated certificates sent upon completion
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Friendly Testing UI

  • Modern user interface that's easy to use
  • Comprehensive tutorials
  • Live support and chat features 
  • Fully accessible for visual/hearing impaired

Built-In Analytics

  • Review student performance in real-time
  • Evaluate individual and group results
  • Reporting available by class, school or district
  • Assess individual session statistics


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