Proctest is not your traditional start-up business

The story starts over 20 years ago with a teenage entrepreneur founding his first business in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Proctest founder, Noorullah Akbari, started his first printing press business in Kabul at the age of 16. On the Pentium 1 Compaq computer his parents bought him in 1998, Noorullah taught himself how to create documents and designs in Microsoft Power Point, quickly creating a high demand for his services.

Recognizing his entrepreneurial spirit and success, the US military hired Noorullah in 2002 as a linguist, working as a translator, editor and eventually a cultural advisor to the US military leadership in Afghanistan. Between 2005-2007, Noorullah was instrumental in creating a literacy program for the Afghanistan National Army while continuing his work with the US military.

In 2007, Noorullah moved to the US to work for global defense company, Mission Essential as an Afghanistan Subject Matter Expert. It was his experience here that inspired him to start Invedyn, a global advanced linguistics testing company in 2011. Solving many of the traditional testing pain points, Invedyn has conducted nearly 200,000 tests in 80 different languages for over 6 years across the globe.

Even with clients like the US Department of Defense, Noorullah still continued to evaluate his product and identified the amount of time necessary to organize and coordinate testing. In addition, he wanted to find a way to protect the integrity of the test ensuring it was taken honestly and free of outside influences.

This was the dawn of Proctest – a robust test-building platform that ensures the identity of the test-taker and the integrity of the environment. Proctest automates the entire testing process while providing easy design capabilities and the largest question library of any testing platform.