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About our Product

Easy of Use

Easy to Integrate, Rollout & Manage.

Rosalyn is headache-free to setup and manage, making it quick for instructors to adopt without an added learning curve. Rosalyn easily integrates with Canvas and other LMS tools, making setup plug-and-play.

Delivering exams with Rosalyn is as easy as flicking a switch. Instructors simply choose the style of proctoring that suits their exam and Rosalyn takes care of delivering the exam in a secure and easy-to-use environment for students.

Integrity & Fairness

Sensitive digital-first proctoring that handles detection & deterrence.

Rosalyn’s approach to academic integrity is about deterring dishonest behavior rather than prosecuting cheating. Rosalyn’s product combines diversely-trained AI with layers of human review so that students can be informed of potential flags and escalated events are handled with sensitivity.

Built for Students

Meets the needs of students’ privacy, devices & bandwidth.

We worked in collaboration with students to develop an accessible test-taking experience where users can feel calm, secure and informed. Rosalyn aims to deliver a great experience across various devices anywhere, even in places with a low-bandwidth connection.

Privacy is at the heart of Rosalyn’s experience for students. Each session is secure and anonymized, with best practices employed for handling data. Students are in full control of their data and can delete it when they wish.

AI Practices

What’s the secret to proctoring that’s fair and unbiased? Human in the Loop

Our AI is trained on a diverse dataset from different cultures, races, and ethnicities around the world, but it’s the Human-in-the-loop that ensures that flagged event are handled with sensitivity and context.

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