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Trust & Privacy

We worked with Students to build a test-taking experience they don’t hate.

Students can feel calm and focused taking their exam with Rosalyn's assessment experience, which was built with student’s needs in mind to establishes trust and transparency end-to-end: from the first install to preparing for an exam, to completing and reviewing past exams.

Privacy is at the heart of Rosalyn’s experience for students. Each session is secure and anonymized, with best practices employed for handling data. Students are in full control of their data and can delete it when they wish.

Integrity & Fairness

An online-test taking platform that levels the playing field.

Rosalyn’s approach to academic integrity is about creating a secure environment where students are focused and informed. Rosalyn’s collaborative AI and human-in-the-loop works to deter dishonest behavior rather than prosecute cheating.

Rosalyn ensures that proctoring is fair and inclusive by incorporating AI that is trained with over 500k tests from different cultures, ethnicities, languages and skin tones. Events are only confirmed and escalated after involving multiple layers of human review.


Students can feel confident taking an exam in a safe and accessible space.

With Rosalyn, students can take an exam when and where it’s convenient. Rosalyn’s test-taking environment can be used anywhere in the world, even in environments with low-bandwidth connection. Rosalyn works with any modern computer, across browsers and devices.

AI Practices

What’s the secret to proctoring that’s fair and unbiased? Human in the Loop

Our AI is trained on a diverse dataset from different cultures, races, and ethnicities around the world, but it’s the Human-in-the-loop that ensures that flagged event are handled with sensitivity and context.

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