Build powerful, data-driven and defensible items and exams fast.

Powerful authoring and item banking

Tailor the authoring environment to your organization’s needs. Customize question layouts, show/hide editing options, and default text in fields.

Cut and paste, drag and drop composing.
Seamlessly integrate in your LMS with our robust APIs
View, delete, download, or revert to previous versions at any time.
65+ question types
Include video, audio, and multimedia in items and questions
Built-in accessibility tools: line readers, responsive design, and efficient UI

Accelerate Exam Publishing

Creating multiple forms can be a grind. Rosalyn takes all the drudgery out of the process with robust editing tools.

Smart tags organize your content by topic, level, or any other categorization.
Templates let you build new assessments from previous versions.
Configure buttons, labels, and durations
Clone, rename and modify entire assessments including configuration settings


Creating a test on Rosalyn’s platform is more like desktop publishing than software coding. The intuitive graphic user interface and real-time visualization give your authors the freedom to create better assessments.

Drag and drop construction
Preview items exactly how your candidates will see them
Real-time previews at every level from item to completed form

Smart content management

The lament of many creators is “media management.” Labeling, naming, and saving content in consistent formats is the grunt work of creating great content. Rosalyn helps to minimize the burden.

Keep teams consistent with permission-based templates
Search powered by tags and metadata makes finding, sorting, and retrieving easy.
Keep massive item banks organized with smart tagging and metadata.


Exam security is only as strong as its weakest link. Keep your content safe throughout the publishing process. Ensure that users have the access they need to do their jobs while lowering the chances of inadvertent disclosure.

Configurable permissions and roles
Two-factor authentication
Versioning provides an audit trail for revisions

Hit the ground running

Pick up where you left off from your current LMS. Built-in conversion scripts from any QTI 2.0 compliant LMS

Built-in conversion scripts from any QTI 2.0 compliant LMS
Easy to use item and question editor.
Purpose-built for tech certification.

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