Candidate Management

An online portal allows you and your candidates to access the data you need to make the most of your certification program. Candidates can access a customer portal with a online storefront. You get access to summary and detail information about every aspect of your certification program. Drill down to individual candidate profile data or roll up to overall program financials.

Candidate Management

Manage candidate profiles, affiliations, partners
View and report on test history, transaction history, scores, certifications.
Drill down to individual candidates and take action.


Automated, configurable candidate messaging
Rules-based triggered email for reminders, completions, offers etc.

Reporting & Analytics

Surface the insights that drive your business forward.
Multi-dimensional reporting and metrics are at your fingertips.
Access granular data across all Rosalyn functions: Authoring, Delivery, Invigilation, Proctoring, eCommerce, Financial, Partners and System.

APIs & Integrations

Rosayn’s Virtual Assessment Platform is designed from the ground up to integrate with your organization’s information infrastructure.

Share your program data with LMS, ERP, CMS, Salesforce, survey, and eCommerce platforms.
Extend test delivery to other authoring environments.
Platform support for performative environments and human-graded exams.

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