Delivery and Invigilation

Great test security that just gets better

Going virtual doesn’t mean compromising on test security, efficiency or scalability. You don’t have to settle for doing the “best under the circumstances.” Instead, Rosalyn offers a delivery and invigilation solution that is as secure, and MORE efficient and scalable than anything that has come before. We designed the system from the ground up to be a better experience for test takers and test sponsors alike.

Unparalleled Scalability

Simple, reliable and cost-effective

Administer as many high-stakes exams as you have candidates to take them. Rosalyn's invigilation solution powered by artificial intelligence means you can test massive volumes of candidates without running short of proctors.

Superb User Experience

Test for ability, not resilience

Candidates take exams in the comfort and convenience of their home office. Candidates don’t have to wait, take time off or travel. Setup is intuitive and session monitoring is transparent and unobtrusive.  With Rosalyn, test-takers can focus on the test content, not the proctoring.


World-class testing at locally relevant pricing

Eliminate 95% of human intervention (and associated costs) from your test delivery and invigilation. With Rosalyn's automation and the AI proctor, you maintain the level of security of a test center anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost.

Full Spectrum Security

Superhuman proctoring

Rosalyn automates a range of invigilation policies and processes to ensure that all test-takers are who they say they are and none of them gain unfair advantage. Our solution focuses on each facet of test security to make sure test-takers work independently without foreknowledge of test content.


“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Rosalyn’s system eliminates opportunities for candidates to work non-independently.

  • ID verification at registration and test start eliminates opportunities for impersonation and stops improper re-taking
  • Continuous ID verification during test sessions stop proxies from stepping in.
  • Software that locks down the operating system and browser keeps candidates from accessing prohibited materials or enlisting outside help.
  • Candidates are kept from attaching external devices to the computer or running other software to prevent unauthorized communication or recording of test content
  • Test content and proctoring data are kept secure by encryption while transmitting to and from the candidate computer.


“Everybody else is cheating” is a toxic belief that tempts otherwise conscientious candidates to compromise their integrity. Rosalyn can help convince candidates that belief is mistaken. Rosalyn makes it easy to communicate the rules to candidates and set expectations for conduct and consequences at the beginning of the test session.

  • Configurable screens at test initiation explain to test takers the systems that are in place to keep them from violating the rules.
  • You can ask candidates to sign a personal honor pledge and acknowledge their understanding of the test rules.
  • Rosalyn presents your organization as fair and vigilant proctor and shows you take security seriously.


Human proctors can only catch what they can see or hear. Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop AI, in contrast, analyzes many datastreams from the test environment. Scanning for all the usual ploys, the multi-attentive AI is alert to novel strategies to violate test rules or capture test content.

  • Rosalyn create real-time models of the test-takers gestures, gaze, movement from the camera and microphone data.
  • The system correlates answer timings, gaze, gestures and test interactions to uncover subtle cues to violations.
  • The system is trained to identify attempts to record the test content using cameras or mobile devices, devices attached to the computer, or candidates dictating content to off-camera recording devices.
  • Forensic analysis of test results across demographics, locations, and affinity groups can identify patterns of test fraud not visible in individual test sessions.


No one wants to let an AI to make the consequential decision to fail a candidate’s test session. Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop proctoring solution affords the efficiency and consistency of automation while keeping the decision-making authority in your hands.

  • Test violations are flagged by the AI based on clear and objective criteria.
  • Proctors review test session events either in real-time or asynchronously.
  • Simple queuing and an intuitive interface lets proctors quickly review test timeline events and approve or decline sessions efficiently.
  • Proctors can be assigned to review events on “next available” round-robin basis, limiting opportunities for collusion between a proctor and a candidate.


Rosalyn’s system records the data and events from the test session and presents it to human proctors for review. This Human/AI collaboration offers unparalleled scalability. A single human proctor can handle the workload of twenty or a single instructor can invigilate a classroom of dozens of students.

  • Proctors have all the information they need to make a decision in real-time or asynchronously.
  • The AI extracts and highlights only the relevant data from the “white noise” of the test session, so review is fast and accurate.
  • Monitoring is seamless and unobtrusive. Test-takers aren’t interrupted by transient alerts or the feeling of “Big Brother” constantly watching.


No security is perfect. Candidates are always inventing new ways to gain an unfair advantage. Rosalyn’s system is continually learning from test sessions to identify novel threats and strategies to the integrity of your assessments.

  • Machine learning processes analyze test sessions to discover anomalous patterns which might point to violations of the test rules.
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning greatly speed up discovery. When new tricks are discovered, countermeasures can be implemented immediately in the software without having to train human proctors.
  • Monitoring is seamless and unobtrusive. Test-takers aren’t interrupted by transient alerts or the feeling of “Big Brother” constantly watching.

Must-have features for remote test security

Identity verification:

Using biometrics and face recognition, Rosalyn knows whether the person taking the test is who they claim to be. Impersonation and unauthorized re-taking are dramatically reduced.

Browser lock down:

A small downloadable app keeps test-takers from getting improper help from other browser windows or applications while the test is in session.

Real-time monitoring:

Computer vision and hearing catch gross violations in the test environment that suggest cheating. The AI invigilator continuously monitors the test environment including the computer’s operating system, webcam and microphone.

Computer vision:

The AI watches for unauthorized people and objects like cell phones and cameras. Gaze detection can tell if candidates may be looking at proscribed aides outside the field of view.


Rosalyn’s real-time monitoring gives psychometricians invaluable data to support the validity of the assessments.


The AI analyzes the microphone input for speech suggesting improper assistance.

Test interactions:

Answer timing and item scores are datastreams the AI uses to separate innocuous behavior from potential violations.

Contextual data:

Profile, location and test history add powerful dimensions to the AIs invigilation model.


An advanced rules engine operates on the AI output to trigger interventions and escalations. Interventions can range from direct warnings to instant referral to a human arbiter..

Machine learning:

The AI is constantly learning from an enormous dataset of past sessions to better spot subtle cheating cues. (invisible to any human)

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