e-Commerce and Marketing

Comprehensive features let you stand up a storefront and portal that engages your candidates. Position, price, package and promote your certification program directly to your user community. Make your certification marketing an extension of your relationship.

eCommerce Storefront

Market your certifications in our eCommerce application and online store. Every important merchandising feature is purpose-built for tech certifications. A powerful rules engine allows credentialed candidates certifications for which they have met the prerequisites.

Authenticated user accounts and logins
Candidate portal with certification and order history
Branded storefront
Built in payment processing through our provider or bring your own.
Vouchers and discounts


Package your certifications for maximum impact. Take the multimedia sales packages you created in the publishing module and market them in bundles, tiers, and categories for different geographies and audiences.

Custom certificate design
Categories and subcategories
Customize logos, thumbnails
Short and long descriptions


Flexible pricing engine accommodates the sophistication of your revenue model.

Global base prices
Tiered pricing
Localization of pricing by geography
Vouchers, discounts and more

Voucher Management

Voucher Management

Create vouchers for flat value or percentage discounts on certifications
Powerful rules engine limits redemption to geographies, time periods, tiers, exams or assessments
Generate, activate, deactivate voucher codes
Comprehensive reporting of used, unused, redemptions of voucher inventory

Candidate Portal

Integrated with the eCommerce store, the candidate portal puts everything you need to communicate with candidates in one place. It's one-stop-shop for candidates to:

View their current certifications
View upcoming purchased exams
Chart their progress in the certification tiers
Purchase their next assessment

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