Instant Publishing

With the push of a button, you can do what took weeks to do with a test company vendor. No more hard-coding and weeks of review cycles. Our integrated self-publishing workflow removes the friction from the process.

Design everything in one place

Every factor of the assessment is configurable from within the Rosalyn platform. Eliminate delays and errors in translation in getting your assessments from concept to scoring.

Preview Tests

WYSIWYG editing applies to assessments as well as items.

Prevent Content Theft

Publishing multiple forms is fundamental to protecting the integrity of your exams. You ensure that any test-taker is unlikely to see the same form more than once. People trying to harvest test questions will have a hard time accumulating your content. Rosalyn takes all the drudgery out of the process.

Features your team can't live without

Select exams to include in the assessment
Choose the rules
Set time limits for completion of exams in assessment
Set price, discounts, vouchers, and retake pricing
Assign certifications and badges
Set time limits for completion of exams in assessment
Assign multiple test forms to an assessment
Test forms are randomly assigned to individual test sessions.

Set prerequisites
Set the level of proctoring
Set retake rules
Get your customer experience exactly right
Walkthrough test navigation from start to finish
See exactly what you test takers are going to see
Candidates receive one of several different forms.
Re-takers are unlikely to get the same test twice.

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