News wins Judges Success Award at the 2020 Global Conference of the Association of Test Publishers (ATP)

What do pandemic social distancing measures mean to certification and assessment programs? Are these changed circumstances a catalyst for growth? How can certification programs take best advantage of the changing ground?

SaaS remote exam invigilation provider ranked highest for market readiness and potential, user impact and effectiveness.

San Diego, CA— 9/21/2020 —The Judges’ Success Award is the only one given in ATP’s Incubator showcase for testing industry startups. This award goes to the company with the best overall pitch, presentation quality, and response to questions posed. A panel of judges evaluate each company’s commercial readiness by considering their products’ market readiness and potential, uniqueness, user impact, and effectiveness.

This year, the Association of Test Publishers hosted their ATP Global Conference virtually. The Incubator Live contest evolved out of its previous incarnation as the Innovation Lab, a popular feature at the in-person ATP conference for the last three years.  The fast-paced format gives finalists two minutes to make their pitch to the judges and a live audience. They then stand for 8-10 minutes of exacting questions from the judges.

The all-star panel of judges was Susan Davis-Becker of ACS Ventures, Gregory Sebasky, CEO of Ascend Learning, and Marten Roorda, former CEO of ACT and current Senior Advisor to New Markets Venture Partners. In a lively back and forth, judges challenged finalists about their respective companies’ interoperability, differentiation and competitive advantage in the market.

After an hour of strong presentations from finalist CEOs Gareth Jones of Headstart and Nathan Thompson of,  Noor Akbari of Rosalyn emerged on top.

“We are delighted to have the expert panel at the ATP conference recognize Rosalyn for innovation,” said Akbari.  “We’ve been working on our autonomous remote invigilation technology for years, we’re fortunate to be bringing it to market right when the world needs it most. Our focus is on IT certification, we can integrate with the leading LMSs and our technology is  available via API.  We have a compelling value proposition for education, employment, licensure, basically any credential that relies on secure assessment.”

Rosalyn’s remote invigilation is powered by advanced artificial intelligence that uses sophisticated models to detect when test-takers attempt to gain unfair advantage. The service is provided through APIs in partnership with educational service providers and learning management systems.


Rosalyn ( allows you to administer exams securely to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world. Exams are invigilated in real-time by Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence technology. This superhuman proctoring is supported by a platform that streamlines and simplifies every aspect of your assessment program. Authoring, publishing, delivery, and reporting are under your direct control. Powerful analytics give you the pipeline insights you need to make the most of your certification ecosystem. Hosted in the cloud and delivered by web, Rosalyn’s cutting-edge technology delivers an exceptional experience to test sponsors and test takers alike.  Please contact Rosalyn for purchase, partnership or investment opportunities.

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