Rosalyn Announces $2.2 Million Seed Round of Funding

Considering moving your certification program to virtual assessments? We prepared this guide to tell you what you need to know.

Today, I am thrilled to announce that Rosalyn, the software company offering artificial-intelligence-powered exam proctoring to educational institutions and certification programs, has raised seed round funding totaling $2.2MM from private investors led by Julie Maples, Co-Founder of FYRFLY Venture Partners.

From Remote Proctoring to AI invigilation

We’ve come a long way since matriculating from Alchemist Accelerator back in 2018.  This is a great milestone for our founders, partners, investors, employees, family, and most importantly our current and future customers. Through years of assessing the language skills of security professionals, translators, and interpreters in challenging environments, I saw the need for a scalable remote proctoring software solution to keep exams fair and secure. We’ve put together a stellar team that shares the vision. With the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody else is coming to see it as well.

I would like to thank the teams at FYRFLY Ventures and Brighteye Ventures for putting their faith in us. Our mission to democratize education with secure remote assessments makes us  a great match for their respective portfolios. We are eager to vindicate their trust in us by working hard to build a world-class company.  The Rosalyn team has all the passion, grit, and experience needed to make that happen.

Rosalyn created the industry’s first truly scalable remote proctoring solution. With Rosalyn, test sponsors can securely deliver assessments anywhere, anytime in low band-width conditions at an accessible cost. Rosalyn’s application invigilates exams by verifying identity, securing the test computer, and monitoring and recording individual test sessions. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers real-time monitoring.  The AI scans test interactions, computer video, audio, and other data streams for patterns of behavior which indicate that a test-taker isn’t working independently or violating the rules of the exam. Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop AI invigilation offers the same kind of security as test centers. Unlike other remote proctoring services that rely on throngs of remote proctors, however, Rosalyn's AI-powered service minimizes the need for human intervention making it massively scalable and cost-effective. Now schools and certifying organizations can test more often and raise the value of their credentials.

Remote Proctoring for the Education Market

This round of funding will further the development of our best-in-class artificial-intelligence powered remote proctoring technology for the education and certification customers. We will be adding to our team of technologists in machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase the system’s efficacy, accessibility, and scalability. We’re investing to make the AI smarter to deliver an exceptional  experience to the widest range of test sponsors and test-takers alike. This financing will enable us to expand our partner ecosystem and integrate with leading edtech platforms bringing our solution to more customers. We’re filling out our management team with leaders in sales and product management to guide the effort.

What’s Next in AI Proctoring

Great things are coming from Rosalyn over the next year. We’ll be rolling out implementations for the exams of high-profile customers.  We’ll also be expanding partnerships with performance-based testing companies that afford assessments that more closely match real-world competencies. If you’re looking for a cost-effective remote proctoring solution that is truly secure and scalable, please reach out to us for a demo.