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Noorullah Akbari

Co-Founder and CEO

A three-time entrepreneur, Noor knows how access to technology can transform one’s life. Growing up poor in civil war era Afghanistan, the catalyst for his own transformation was the gift of a computer. That first computer led Noor to found Afghanistan's first digital printing shop. A year later, Noor sold the company to a government-backed enterprise to mark his first successful exit. Following stints as a translator and political advisor for the US military in Afghanistan, Noor emigrated to the United States and founded a language testing company. 

The idea for Rosalyn’s scalable remote proctoring solution came from the challenge of assessing the language skills in far flung and sometimes hostile environments. He partnered with machine learning expert Martin Jakobson to design the system and soon realized the value it could bring to the larger global assessment market.


Martin Jakobsson

Co-Founder and CTO

Martin’s passion for technology has brought economic and educational opportunities to millions of people globally. For a decade prior to Rosalyn, Martin led research and development projects in image processing, computer vision, and AI at startups and leading international projects (with several acquisition exits). In addition to holding many patents, Martin has written and shipped over a billion devices worldwide. His expertise in commercializing products has employed multiple applications of artificial intelligence such as computer vision, behavior analysis, text mining, and automatic scoring. His success has helped to drive the architecture and engineering of Rosalyn’s solution. Martin holds an MS in Computer Science and Engineering from Lund University, Sweden, and UIUC and shares his time between Sweden, Ireland, and the San Francisco Bay Area. He is an avid distance runner and outdoorsman.


Shannon Forte

Enterprise Sales, Customer Experience Director

Shannon’s mission is to make the world a better place by helping education reach everyone through educational technology.. She has supported that mission for 15 years with EdTech startups and industry leaders like Turnitin and Blackboard, and now leading the customer experience strategy for Rosalyn. Her success at driving exponential revenue growth helped speed the acquisitions of multiple EdTech companies. As a Solutions Engineer at D2L and Blackboard, she developed deep knowledge in integrating EdTech into the ecosystems of educational institutions of a wide range of types and sizes. A South Florida transplant from Oklahoma, she and her 10-year-old son can often be found playing board games, singing karaoke, and walking their pandemic pup, Milli. At any given time, Shannon is reading two books; one self-help and one science fiction.


April Watkins

VP of Operations

April leads the organization’s strategic approach and implementation of processes and systems, with a particular focus on our customer support and proctoring teams. Prior to Rosalyn, April held operational leadership roles at established companies and startups ranging from early-stage Internet companies to personal healthcare. During her tenure at Dolby Laboratories April held several leadership roles in creative services, real estate, finance, and operations, overseeing expansion into over 30 countries and serving as integration lead for multiple acquisitions. After many years in San Francisco, April can now be found in her home state of Michigan enjoying all of its beauty year round.

Paul Janzen

Vice President of Product

With over 20 years of experience in tech and over 10 in EdTech specifically, Paul has gained a wealth of knowledge over the course of his career. From product management and software development to sales and market analysis, his professional roles have allowed him to build strong relationships with hundreds of education partners. Paul now brings his expertise to Rosalyn as Vice President of Product, guiding product development and ensuring innovations stay responsive to student needs.

Rosalyn’s online proctoring developers create solutions that level the playing field and support the learning process. To learn more about Rosalyn’s innovative approach request a demo.
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