Why Online Proctoring Data Protection
Matters to Students

Rosalyn’s Invigilation System Promotes Proctoring Data Protection

At Rosalyn AI, we believe online proctoring data protection is essential and students have a right to understand how their data is used.

Protecting Student Privacy and Dignity

As in-person testing becomes a thing of the past, educational institutions must address new ethical challenges involving online invigilation. Increasingly, students are asking questions like what data is being collected? and how is my data being used? Universities and other institutions must have satisfactory answers to ensure student privacy and dignity are protected.

There is a common misconception that students who have grown up in a digital world and share their everyday lives on social media have little to no concern for privacy. But there is a big difference between choosing to share information and having information taken from you. The recent shift to virtual exams and online learning has revealed that students care deeply about data privacy in educational contexts.

Research backs this up. Recent studies have found:

33% of young people trust companies to keep their personal information “little” or “none” of the time

39% of young people are “very concerned” about invasions of privacy when using Facebook

30% of undergraduate students were "concerned that technology advances may increasingly invade [their] privacy."

This distrust is only growing and can be disastrous for students, educators, and institutions alike. Proctoring data protection must be a top priority to provide the kinds of educational experiences students want and deserve.

Data Protection Is Vital to Students & Institutions

Online invigilation systems typically require students to consent to proctors accessing their microphone, webcam, and much more. In some cases, remote testing software can take complete control over students’ computers and access personal information unrelated to the exams themselves. This is highly intrusive, can cause serious anxiety, and contribute to poor exam results, potentially compromising a student’s future.

Proctoring without strong data protection can also threaten the relationship between students and institutions and open the door to potential litigation. Failing to comply with federal and local data protection laws can result in data breaches, tarnished reputations, and legal consequences. More importantly, it has a destructive impact on student safety and wellness as well as the trust students have in the educational process.

Robust Online Proctoring Data Protection

Providing full transparency and a secure proctoring experience is essential to keeping the integrity of the exam and the dignity of students intact. 

Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop AI proctoring technology allows for a superior and comfortable remote testing experience. Student dignity is at the core of our mission to provide fair and ethical online invigilation, and our purpose-built HITL invigilation system is designed to respect student privacy throughout the exam process.

Unlike most online proctoring solutions, Rosalyn does not take full control of student computers and doesn’t access any personal information outside of the test itself.

Rosalyn collects data required to verify a student’s identity, test information, and results.

We disclose precisely which data is being collected, how it will be used, and how long it will be retained after the exam.

Rosalyn never sells data to third parties.

These features mean that students can give meaningful consent and trust that their personal data will not be used in ways that violate their sense of dignity. 

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, Rosalyn’s proctoring data protection measures and student-centered approach offer institutions the solutions they need to stay responsive and help students attain their educational goals.