A fully-featured online testing software that will streamline your process from test generation and candidate scheduling, through proctoring online exams and detecting cheating, and all the way to scoring and finding the perfect candidate fit for your needs.

Generate a Test or Use a Pre-Built Template

Schedule your Candidates

Proctor Remotely

Detect Cheating

Automate Grading

Score Subjectively

Find the Best Translators and Interpreters

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So much more than online assessment software

I never imagined it was possible, but by using, our testing costs have been reduced drastically and our hiring decisions have improved dramatically.

Rick Abner

Atlas Advisors

A Scientific Approach to Online Assessments for translation and interpreting needs


Save Time

Use fewer administration resources on scheduling, sending, and grading tests


Waste fewer executive resources on test generation and interviewing the wrong candidates


Save Money

Reduce the costs of remote testing or flying candidates around the world


Eliminate the expense of hiring mistakes and training a mismatched talent pool


Improve hirings

Cheaters will be discovered before they waste your resources


Candidates strengths will be uncovered so you can assign them projects they will excel at

Watch a 90-second explanation
The only online testing software created for language services companies.

Innovative Features

Technology that will change the way you test, vet, and hire your translators and interpreters


Customize a test exactly for your needs

Quick & Easy

Use pre-built templates designed for translation companies


Over 60 question types: multiple choice, fill in the blank, spoken and written translations, audio and video, comprehension, complex subject matter, and more


Test employees, freelancers, trainees, or contractors anywhere in the world

Technologically Advanced

Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect cheating and dishonest practices

Automated & Streamlined

Automatic grading and streamlined processes for subjective scoring

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