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A quantum leap in remote proctoring.

Deliver a superior and comfortable proctoring experience to your students and faculty alike, at scale with Rosalyn's Human-in-the-loop AI proctoring technology

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Over 250,000 exams invigilated

Woman cheating on exam by using the phone
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The optimal balance of artificial intelligence and human judgement:
for scale & comfortable student proctoring experience

Human-in-the-loop AI Proctoring venn diagram showing most efficiency, accuracy, real time, human judgment, objective qualities of having a human and AI proctoring systemHuman-in-the-loop AI Proctoring venn diagram showing most efficiency, accuracy, real time, human judgment, objective qualities of having a human and AI proctoring system
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"The internet delivery of assessments afforded by Rosalyn gives our testing program a much larger geographic footprint.  A bigger pool of candidates means better candidates with higher skill levels. "

Candice Newton
Global Dimensions
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"Their efficient test delivery and remote proctoring cut our testing costs by more than 50% while enhancing security of the exams. "

Rick Abner
Atlas Advisors LLC.

Why Rosalyn?

Increase exam integrity and equity

The objectivity of AI automation coupled with the precision of human judgment makes proctoring fair and consistent.

Global Reach

Administer proctored assessments anytime, anywhere at scale and on demand.

The most sophisticated AI proctoring technology ever built

With other solutions you get hit or miss results. Rosalyn trains on actual test taker data for highest accuracy.

Delight your instructors & students

Students are delighted with a comfortable proctoring experience.

Accessible in more areas

Works on any modern laptop in both high and low bandwidth environments.

Affordable for institutions large and small

Premium level of security at a fraction of the cost of live remote proctoring,

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"Every challenge they have tackled has been a net gain for Valiant. The pedigree of the team, working for the highest stakes and the most demanding clients like the USDOD comes out in the quality of their engineering. They have a visceral feel for the pain points of the testing process."

Daniel Simms
Valiant integrated Services

CTOs of educational institutions love how Rosalyn’s system is designed for privacy, security, and usability.

Fast, painless integration

Melds seamlessly into your existing workflow with robust APIs and integration with LMS systems. Simple and intuitive interface for test-takers.

Enterprise security and GDPR compliance

Meet global standards for privacy and security. Rosalyn complies with GDPR and CCPA.

Match security to the exam stakes

Ease up on formative quizzes. Ramp up security on finals. Keep your tests secure using the right amount of invigilation.

Our innovative approach to proctoring

More than just remote proctoring, Rosalyn's invigilation solution automates a range of functions to protect the integrity of your exams.


Rosalyn removes the temptation for candidates to cut corners by verifying test-taker IDs, and limiting system and browser capabilities during the test session.


Rosalyn sets candidate expectations for how the exam will be proctored. When examinees know you value integrity and fairness, they'll put their faith in it.


The AI never blinks and never tires.  It scans far more datastreams than a human ever could to detect subtle cues to violations.


Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop proctoring solution affords the efficiency and consistency of automation while keeping the decision-making authority in human hands.


The AI alerts students to potential violations automatically. When human action is required, exams can be paused or stopped instantly.


Rosalyn’s system is continually learning from test session data  to identify novel threats to the integrity of your assessments.

Protect the integrity of your exams

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