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Want to dramatically reduce cheating and content theft?

Candidates cheat by impersonation, using hidden notes and stolen test materials (brain dumps), and communicating with helpers.  If people can cheat, what’s the value of a certification?

Test Centers

Want to deliver a testing experience that feels more like your brand?

Companies use human proctors and test centers to combat cheating. Nobody likes test centers. Who wants to sit in a spartan room being watched under the glare of fluorescent lights?  Is this the experience you want candidates to have with your company and certifications?


Want to deliver unlimited assessments on-demand anywhere?

In a world of on-demand Internet everything, having to schedule and reserve a seat for an exam (up to 200 miles away) is an unnecessary burden.  Using test centers limits the number and speed at which you can certify candidates.


Want a testing solution that costs 50% less than what you’re paying now?

The bill for human proctors, test centers and candidate support starts out big and goes up from there.


Want an integrated system that automates certification and supports scalable growth?

Certification is complex. Creating, updating, and retiring certifications, managing candidates and partners, and administering and grading tests all requires a lot of work. The logistics of reserving, scheduling, and proctoring tests at far flung test centers strains the capabilities of the patchwork of currently available systems. Can you imagine how it will be when you are doing 10, 100, or 1000 times as many certifications?

Rosalyn integrated solution

Rosalyn’s platform enables every part of your certification program quickly scale globally while reducing costs by 50%.

Rosalyn is a win for everyone in the ecosystem

Certification Business
Employers, Hiring Managers
Clients & Users
The Certification Ecosystem
How We Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is at the core of Rosalyn’s automated proctoring. AI eliminates 95% of human intervention increasing speed and reach and cutting costs by 50%. We also use AI to improve other aspects of the certification process to increase the validity, security and  ultimate value of your certifications.

Know Your Candidate

Using biometrics and computer vision, Rosalyn’s AI can determine whether the person starting and finishing  a test is who they claim to be. Impersonation and unauthorized re-taking are dramatically reduced.

Automated Live Proctoring

The AI proctor continuously monitors multiple datastreams from the test environment. Datafeeds from the computer’s operating system, webcam, microphone combine to render a highly accurate model of what is going on around the test taker. Computer vision catches violations like the presence of another person in the test space.  Speech recognition can identify language or dialogue indicating cheating. Gaze detection algorithms discover if candidates are looking at something outside the camera’s field of view. Camera detection is alert for illicit recording of the test.

Deep Learning for Cheat Detection

Beyond detecting gross violations within the discrete audio or computer vision streams, the AI looks at all the data together to uncover subtler cheating cues. For example, the AI will  detect if the candidate is not looking at the part of the screen they likely should be when typing in the answer to a question. Hundreds of thousands of past testing sessions provide a rich data set to train the AI on these subtle hidden cues. Datastreams include not only the computer vision and audio, but the inputs and answers of the test session: keyboard signatures, answer timings, and item scores. These test session data streams are augmented by external attributes such as the location and demographics of test-taker to create an incisive multi-attentive proctoring model.

Automatic Interventions

The system processes data in real-time.  An advanced rules engine operates on the real-time data to trigger automatic proctoring interventions. Interventions can escalate from direct warnings to instant arbitration from a human proctor. 


Does your test score the skills it's supposed to? Do geographic and cultural biases skew the curve? Rosalyn’s aggregated real-time session data and test-taker attribute sets offer psychometricians unprecedented data access to improve the validity of tests. 

Superhuman test proctoring

Rosalyn’s multi-attentive AI examines more and different data sources than any human proctor ever could

  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Webcam, second camera
  • Microphone
  • Test timing
  • Item scores
  • Geo, demo and social graphs
  • ID documentation
  • Historical dataset

AI eliminates 95% of the human factors

No more paying for physical test centers. Remote AI proctoring is more secure and convenient. A 10X better experience  for candidates, test sponsors and partners alike. Grow your certification program as fast as you want with unlimited testing and global reach.


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