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Blitzscale your assessment program with Rosalyn

Global Reach

Assess more people globally on their home turf

Extend your global reach to everywhere your customers may be.
Assess candidates in the comfort of their home or office. Candidates don’t have to wait, take time off or travel.


Protect assessment integrity at scale

Invigilate thousands of high stakes exams asynchronously, at scale. At Rosalyn's core is a human-in-the-loop artificial intelligence that meticulously analyzes multiple signals to prevent, deter, and detect non-independent test taking and informs human arbiters when serious violations occur. Learn how, where, when, and why cheating happens.


A Quantum leap in efficiency with a
single end-to-end assessment platform

A single platform to author, publish, sell, deliver, invigilate and manage your entire assessment workflows. This gives you full control and eliminates manual workarounds. Connect your assessments with other platforms like CRM, ERP, LMS and extend your superpowers to the whole program.


Delight your test takers

Unless you are vetting secret agents, you shouldn’t test candidates for how much anxiety and inconvenience they can tolerate. Rosalyn’s platform removes a large part of the stress induced by online proctoring. The AI-powered invigilation is unobtrusive and largely invisible to test-takers. On-demand in-home tests offer unparalleled convenience.


Enterprise security and GDPR compliance

Rosalyn features some of the most comprehensive privacy and security safeguards in the assessment industry.

Full GDPR and CCPA compliance.
System developed to global security standards.
Secure transmission and storage of test session video and data.

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The Rosalyn Assessment and Certification Platform

Every feature of Rosalyn’s platform was designed in collaboration with our advisory panel of certification professionals.

Rosalyn is a win for everyone.

Certification Program

A profit center in many companies. Certifications create experts in your software products. Certified experts are a reference community and pool of evangelists.

Simple candidate management, lower operating costs, broader reach, enhanced privacy and security make it easier to scale your certification business.


Professional certifications increase reputation, salary, and opportunities. Building awareness and removing barriers generates demand for your certification.

Anywhere, anytime testing attracts more candidates to your certifications. One-click signup and purchase lowers the hurdle to get certified.


Partners represent your company in the marketplace. You want them to be skilled so they can implement your product well and create maximum value for end users.

Partners know continuously how many of their staff have been trained and how they are performing against the requirements in the contract.

Cheating is poison to a certification program. If you have cheating take hold, you are going to end up with a pool of people in your certified community who are underqualified working in the industry and the reputation of your program will suffer. We believe that working with Rosalyn, we might be able to actually scale our program considerably, while still maintaining high standards of exam security.

Randy Russel

Director of certification, Red Hat

Every challenge they have tackled has been a net gain for Valiant. The pedigree of the team, working for the highest stakes and the most demanding clients like the USDOD comes out in the quality of their engineering. They have a visceral feel for the pain points of the testing process. That experience shapes design solutions that provide real improvements to our business.

Daniel Simms

Valiant Integrated Services

The internet delivery of assessments afforded by Rosalyn gives our testing program a much larger geographic footprint. We reach candidates outside of the big cities all over the world. A bigger pool of candidates means better candidates with higher skill levels. That’s great for our clients.

Candice Newton

Global Dimensions

Their efficient test delivery and remote proctoring cut our testing costs by more than 50% while enhancing security of the exams. They have been extremely responsive during the integration phase, often anticipating challenges based on their lessons learned and helping us complete the project undertime and budget. I encourage any company wanting to scale their testing and certification business to consider working with Rosalyn.

Rick Abner

Atlas Advisors, LLC

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