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Choose the most secure, privacy-sensitive, compliant & frictionless proctoring platform for your students and deliver an awesome exam experience.

Welcome to Rosalyn
The right proctoring approach
 With Rosalyn, students are engaged real-time to prevent, deter, and stop cheating real-time rather than being caught after the fact. 
Awesome student experience
Rosalyn's proctoring experience establishes trust and transparency end-to-end.
Remove friction, and save cost
Save time and money by removing friction end-to-end. Let your faculty focus on teaching, not proctoring
Stress-free for Students

An online test-taking experience built with students in mind.

Deliver an awesome experience that builds trust, reduces stress, removes distraction, and most importantly– is accessible to all through fair and unbiased ai practices.

Easy for Educators

Upholding integrity in digital assessments is now a breeze.

Educators can easily get set up and manage the delivery of proctored exams within the tools they already use today. Sensitive human-involved AI ensures that integrity can be delivered fairly and equally.

AI Practices

What’s the secret to proctoring that’s fair and unbiased? Human in the Loop

Our AI is trained on a diverse dataset from different cultures, races, and ethnicities around the world, but it’s the Human-in-the-loop that ensures that flagged event are handled with sensitivity and context.

Integrate with the tools you already use.

Why choose Rosalyn?

Turn on Rosalyn inside your LMS

Easily turn on Rosalyn inside of the Canvas platform to make roll out a breeze. Built according to the strictest and most robust integration standards.

Compatible & Low Bandwidth

We only require 300kbps to proctor a test. The average internet speed in the US is 42860kbps.

Brilliant Deterrence, Detection & Arbitration

AI analyzes the test session in real time to spot unusual incidents, while serious incidents are escalated to a human proctor to carefully examine. Confirmed incidents are then shared with instructors to handle.

Data and AI Best Practices

AI is trained on diverse set of data from different cultures, races, and ethnicities around the world. We have delivered over a half a million assessments in all parts of the world.

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