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Rosalyn helps students and institutions around the globe to achieve higher success by redefining the exam proctoring experience.
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Over 500K exams delivered by institutions, corporations and the US government.
Why Rosalyn
Online Proctoring that satisfies schools & students
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Students Are Afraid
Humans back up our tech so that AI never has the final say on whether students are reprimanded for cheating.
Faculty is Confused
Faculty wants to improve test taking, but not at the price of taking time away from teaching.
Schools Dislike Pricing
Adding a new cost to the bottom line of any school is a challenge, but our solution is affordable and increases efficiency.
Admins Worry About Effectiveness
We address cheating from end-to-end to ensure it is effectively controlled.
It is time you met
Cheating happens, but it can be stopped without making students feel cheated out of the respect and usability they deserve.
Deterrance Over Punishment
We make it easy for students to stay honest and faculty to correct as needed, after our proctors have confirmed and tried to stop violations.
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Privacy & Security Without Intrusion
Ending cheating should not come at the price of invasive techniques like biometrics.
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Focus On Teaching Not Proctoring
We help teachers cut time from proctoring and allocate it to teaching.
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Balance Detection & Respect
Maintain the highest level of cheating detection and deterrence while still keeping students at ease.
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We’re not a software that provides power with the sting of an eye-watering recurring price.
Accessibility means affordability. We’ve priced our software to make sure every school and student gets access.
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Don't take our word for it. See what our clients say.
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Rosalyn is critical to our ability to scale.
Rosalyn provides an innovative and reliable component of our testing program which is critical to our ability to scale. Their efficient test delivery and remote proctoring cut our testing costs significantly (>50%); while enhancing security of the exams.
Rick Abner
Chief Operating Officer - Atlas Advisors
Every challenge they have tackled has been a net gain for Valiant
As an early adopter of Rosalyn, we have enjoyed the benefit of delivering a great candidate testing experience without all the labors costs of delivering tests the old way, Every challenge they have tackled has been a net gain for Valiant. The empathy I get from the team at Rosalyn has been incredible. I’ve been a customer for years and conducted over a quarter millions tests with Rosalyn
Daniel Simms
Vice President, Mission Support - Valiant Integrated
Rosalyns gives our testing program a much larger geographic footprint
Rosalyns online proctoring and assessment delivery gives our testing program a much larger geographic footprint. We reach candidates outside of the big cities all over the world at the comfort of their homes, and at scale. We love Rosalyn because we cut our costs of administering exams and improve the security and quality of the candidate experience, and works in very low bandwidth internet.
Candice Newton
Program Manager - Global Dimensions
How it Works
For faculty and students, running Rosalyn is like it’s not even there.
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Professors turn on proctoring for a course or exam.
Work right within any preferred LMS, with no need to learn extra software.
Students start exams anytime, anywhere from their LMS
Stop inconveniencing students with scheduled testing.
A locked-down browser provides a 100% secure testing environment without feeling invasive.
Shut down all apps and external devices not approved for testing.
Student ID image matched to authenticated test-taker identity.
Increase testing security by ensuring only the right student takes the right test.
AI observes the test taker. Human proctors evaluate AI. All in real-time.
Without using biometrics, AI observes students and flags events for proctors to review in real-time.
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Proctors can send alerts and deterrence warnings one-way to students. If these fail, instructors are informed to handle further resolution.
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Only incidents confirmed by humans are escalated.
Put an end to accusing students of cheating by addressing only genuine incidents deterred first by warnings from proctors.
Features & benefits
Secure Test Environment
  • Identity verified by Humans not AI in realtime
  • Detect and prevent apps during exam
  • Prevents external devices
Native Integration With Any LMS
Plug-and-play enhancement of any LMS using LTI 1.3 or Open APIs, instead of learning new software.
Turn On Proctoring With a Single Click
Secure any course or exam without any additional work.
On-Demand Testing For Students From LMS
Deploy testing when you want, free from the inconvenience of scheduling.
1-1 Attention Ratio With Human-in-the-Loop Proctoring
Every test maintains a 1-to-1 ratio of proctors to students to maximize human confirmation of AI detection. Multiple proctors oversee events, not sessions, creating diverse input.
Humans Review All Events
  • During or after exams, humans always review
  • Real-time chat with students in correct confirmed behavior
Equity & Inclusion
With AI tested over 500,000 times with students of varying ethnicities around the world, our software more correctly identifies all students. It’s also less likely to falsely flag the atypical head or eye movement of neuro-typical individuals, or those with alternative sitting styles.
Works Even With Low Bandwidth
Not all students have access to high broadband speeds, but every student needs to be able to test when they want, which is why our software operates at speeds as low as 300kbps. Deliver exams no matter where students live, leading to less disconnected and unsuccessful exams
Secure Testing Built on a Foundation of Trust
It’s easy to stay honest when you’re given the benefit of the doubt in the first place. Increase trust with online proctoring that puts students first.
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