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Synap Partners with Rosalyn

LEEDS, U.K. | 27 February 2023 

Synap, an innovative personalized learning platform, announced a strategic partnership with Rosalyn, a leading provider of AI-powered learning. Together, Rosalyn and Synap plan to offer cutting-edge learning solutions for the education enhancement market. This partnership will combine advanced artificial intelligence technology with modern learning management to create an adaptive and efficient learning experience. 

This partnership promotes growth and promises success. Dr. James Gupta, CEO and co-founder of Synap, noted “Our partnership with Rosalyn has been truly mutually beneficial. We have tried many different proctoring solutions, but Rosalyn is the first one that really impressed us and made us want to integrate its technology with Synap’s assessment platform. The experience Rosalyn provides, both to candidates and to administrators, is second to none and represents a significant upgrade for our customers. Integrating with Rosalyn has allowed us to unlock new business opportunities with new and existing clients.

Rosalyn’s technical team and platform is easy to work with. The seamless integration between our platforms was simple. We couldn’t be more happy with the results.

In absolute agreement, Rosalyn’s CEO and founder, Noor Akabari said “We are thrilled to join forces with Synap in a common goal to provide a quality assessment experience. We expect this partnership to be a cross industry benefit to clients and organizations collectively. The Synap platform and Rosayln’s AI technology complement each other perfectly, and the partnership will enable us to offer a complete and innovative learning experience. This is a win-win!”  

Synap is an innovative online learning platform designed by students for students. Founded in 2015 by James Gupta, Synap incorporates personalized learning pathways with the mission to better help learners retain information. Synap offers a vast range of concrete study aides, including multiple-choice questions and flashcards which cover different subject matters, including medical and law exams, standardized tests, and university courses.  

Rosalyn is a leading provider in the EdTech industry, using advanced artificial intelligence technology to enhance the effectiveness and accessibility of assessments. Rosalyn integrates seamlessly with learning management systems, capitalizing on the efficiency that AI provides while still personalizing the proctored experience.

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