Today, an estimated 27% of employers require master’s degrees for roles in which undergraduate degrees once sufficed. It is no wonder, then, that graduate and professional school enrollment in the United States increased by nearly 10 percent from 2011 to 2018 and tripled since the 1970s. But the educational landscape is very different than it was even a decade ago. With the rise of remote education, high-quality online test administration is key for graduate degree programs to attract students and create positive learning experiences.

The Benefits of Online Test Administration in Graduate Degree Programs

Remote testing can have significant benefits for students at virtually all education levels. However, online test administration for graduate degree programs can be particularly useful considering the needs of the student population, who are often older and balancing multiple responsibilities in addition to their studies.

  • Flexible Scheduling. Online testing allows for greater flexibility and supports students who are negotiating work, family, and school obligations.
  • Global Attendance. Students participating in graduate programs come from all over the world, and international students are invaluable members of academic communities. Online learning and test administration opens up more opportunities for international enrollment, allowing universities to recruit top candidates without geographic barriers. This is particularly important at a time when travel restrictions and the effects of Covid-19 are creating significant roadblocks to in-person attendance.
  • Comfortable Environments. Not only does the ability to complete tests at home ease logistical burdens, it can also make the test-taking process more comfortable, minimizing anxiety and allowing students to perform at their best.

Online test administration for graduate degree programs can also have distinct advantages for educators by limiting administrative work, streamlining the assessment process, and giving instructors the option to proctor from the comfort of their own homes or delegate that to professional proctors. Meanwhile, institutions can benefit from the flexibility, scalability, and affordability offered by cutting-edge exam proctoring technologies.

The Impact of Online Proctoring Software

Remote learning is becoming an essential part of graduate education. No longer just a “nice to have”, offering online learning opportunities is increasingly necessary to attract and retain students. Indeed, in one large-scale study, 95.5% of educators believe that digital learning has a positive impact on student achievement—a strong argument for online migration. It is becoming clear that the future of education largely hinges on educators’ willingness to trade tradition for tech.

When implemented correctly, online test administration can be highly successful and allow graduate programs to maintain academic integrity while better supporting students. However, there are serious concerns about the reliability and security of assessments conducted in a remote environment. This is particularly true when institutions rely on poorly designed proctoring tools that students don’t trust or that create negative exam experiences. Online proctoring software must therefore be chosen thoughtfully and with an understanding of students’ needs.

Students want exams to be fair. They want to feel confident in the results. But they also want their privacy and data to be protected, minimal technological intrusion, and user-friendly exam experiences. Selecting a proctoring solution developed to meet these needs is critical to ensuring success and protecting the valuable relationships between students, instructors, and institutions.

Rosalyn: Transforming How Proctoring Works

At Rosalyn, we deliver superior and comfortable proctoring experiences at the scale your institution needs. Our student-focused solution is designed to deter academic dishonesty while providing real-time proctoring that promotes fair, equitable assessment. With Rosalyn’s commitment to radical transparency, purpose-built AI, and ongoing dialogue with students to understand their changing needs, we are transforming how proctoring works.

Online testing is more than completing a test and receiving a grade. It can be the gateway to a more successful future. With Rosalyn, online test administration can help graduate degree programs thrive.

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