Online test administration in graduate degree programs for business means high stakes. Business schools are preparing students for their futures and educating leaders who will shape industries, markets, and cultures around the globe. The right proctoring tools are essential for offering students real value as programs expand beyond the classroom.

Business Schools Face Growing Demand and Unprecedented Challenges

Business degrees have long been seen as vital keys to professional advancement. The 2020 economic downturn and the continuing impact of Covid-19, however, are spurring more interest in graduate degree programs in business than ever before, and business schools are experiencing significant increases in application volume.

“We clearly saw a strong reversal in terms of the demand for graduate business education,” says Rahul Choudaha, director of industry insights and research communication at Graduate Management Admission Council. “The uncertainty really prompted many candidates to start hedging their risk, to emerge out of this economic downturn with a sharper skill set.”

At a time of economic unease, graduate degrees in business can be a smart investment. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects employment across all business and financial occupations to grow at a faster-than-average rate of 5% from 2019-2029.  With numbers like these, the increase in applications is likely to continue.

While the pandemic has increased interest in graduate degrees in business, it has also brought changes to the programs themselves. Many business schools are still in a state of uncertainty about what education will look like in the coming years, and it remains unclear when, or if, business grad programs will fully return to their previous in-person formats. What is clear is that business schools can benefit from developing more online learning options, giving both institutions and students from around the world greater flexibility.  

Addressing the Challenges of Online Test Administration in Graduate Degree Programs for Business

Most students are committed to academic integrity for their own growth and advancement.However, it is not uncommon for students to engage in dishonorable conduct in an attempt to gain an unfair advantage. When stakes are high, students feel pressure to perform at a high standard required for graduate degrees, these temptations may be irresistible, especially during online tests. This leaves some institutions hesitant to offer online test administration for graduate degrees in business. But state-of-the-art proctoring technology can be a strong deterrent to unethical behavior and empower business schools to better meet the needs of students.

The introduction of AI-driven online proctoring is changing the way online proctoring happens. With a well-designed system, you no longer need to rely solely on human proctors to monitor exams, giving you the ability to administer tests online in a cost-effective and reliable way. By transforming the way assessment happens, these systems can allow business schools to expand their online education offerings while enhancing the test-taking process.

However, not all AI-based online proctoring solutions are alike. A poorly designed system may:

  • Misidentify or fail to detect students.
  • Flag movement such as an infraction.
  • Disadvantage students from certain backgrounds.
  • Have extensive tech requirements that limit accessibility.
  • Offer poor data protection and lack transparency about privacy policies.
  • Sell data to third parties.

These shortcomings can create uncomfortable exam experiences and may even hinder access to education.

A high-quality proctoring solution, on the other hand, will:

  • Accurately assess test-takers regardless of skin tone, ethnicity, and neurotype.
  • Flag potential infractions in real time.
  • Leave final decision-making authority in the hands of humans.
  • Feature strong data protection and transparent privacy policies.
  • Work well with a wide range of operating systems and in low-bandwidth environments.
Rosalyn Adds Value to Online Learning

Rosalyn understands the high stakes of online test administration for graduate degree programs in business. Business school is a big investment for students, and poorly designed online exams can make them feel cheated out of the learning experience they signed up for. By providing better exam experiences, supporting academic integrity, and leveling the playing field, Rosalyn’s human-in-the-loop system adds real value to remote testing and helps business schools remain an attractive choice even as they migrate to online learning.

Our system is designed with purpose-built functionality. Rosalyn's AI algorithms are trained on an ever-expanding dataset that represents a broad spectrum of test-takers from around the world. This is critical for preventing algorithmic bias and ensuring fairness. The dynamic nature of the Rosalyn system means it is continually integrating new learning to improve its accuracy, allowing it to deter the temptation to cut corners today and in the future. With a user-friendly interface, robust data protection, and unprecedented scalability, our cutting-edge system is a significant asset to online test administration for graduate degree programs.

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