Unveiling the Importance of Gaze Detection in Proctoring with Rosalyn

Gaze detection technology uses computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms to track the movement of a test taker’s eyes. By monitoring a student’s gaze, online proctors can detect instances of collaboration, distraction, or the use of unauthorized materials, and take appropriate actions.

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7 Educational Trends and Predictions for 2033

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The Case for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Higher Education

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The Role of Technology in Higher Education: Innovations and Impact

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Meet ChatGPT-4: The Cutting Edge AI Language Model

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Comparing AI Proctoring Models and Traditional Live Human Proctoring: An In-depth Guide for Educational Leaders

This comprehensive guide explores the evolution of proctoring services, delving into the intricacies and comparisons of different AI proctoring models to provide education leaders with the insights needed to make informed decisions and uphold academic integrity.


5 Educational AI Misconceptions: Unpacking the Truth about AI in Online Proctoring

As artificial intelligence (AI) takes the center stage across countless industries, it brings along its own suite of misconceptions. This is especially evident in the realm of remote exam proctoring – a field accelerated by COVID-19 – where misconceptions of transformative technologies sow doubts and hinder the adoption of genuinely transformative tools.

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The Cheat Code Epidemic: How AI is Breaking Academic Trust

Welcome to the future of cheating, where AI isn't just an ally but an accomplice. In CheatCode 2.0, we're delving into the unexpected frontier of academic dishonesty—where the machines that are programmed to help us learn can also be hijacked to game the system. Get ready for a journey through the intricate maze of ethical dilemmas and technological advancements, as we unravel why AI might be the newest threat to academic integrity and what Rosalyn.ai is doing to level the playing field

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Unveiling Rosalyn.ai's Advanced Proctoring Features: Reinforcing Examination Integrity Through Cutting-Edge AI

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