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Discover Our Advanced AI-Powered Proctoring Features to Ensure Integrity and Fairness

Rosalyn.ai's Cutting-Edge Proctoring Features

Authenticate Test-Takers with Confidence
Innovative Identity Fraud Prevention
We put humans in charge of decision-making to ensure a great student experience and deter cheating, while our AI provides smart detection.
Prevent Proxy testing
Next-Generation Proxy Testing Detection
Rosalyn.ai's AI-driven system monitors and analyzes computer processes, connected devices, typing patterns, mouse movements, audio cues, and video events to detect and prevent in-person or remote proxy testing, ensuring exam integrity.
Detect All Forms of Cheating
Comprehensive Cheating Deterrence
Our advanced multi-signal analysis identifies on-screen content, off-screen activity, and suspicious conversations, providing a secure and fair testing environment for all candidates.
The Ultimate Exam Security Solution
Lockdown Browser with Virtual Environment Identification
Our lockdown browser prevents unauthorized access, detects multiple browsers, and identifies virtual environments, ensuring a secure exam experience and thwarting cheaters at every turn.
Unrivaled Security for High-Stakes Assessments
Advanced Dual-Camera Monitoring for High-Stakes Exams coming soon
Rosalyn.ai's dual-camera monitoring leverages test-taker's phones for broader view coverage, capturing crucial audio and video signals from multiple angles. Prevent sophisticated cheating attempts and ensure a rigorous assessment environment for high-stakes exams.
Promptly Address Violations for Fair Testing
Real-time Intervention and Deterrence with Human Proctor Support
Rosalyn.ai's real-time alerts and human proctor intervention enable immediate response to detected violations, ensuring a fair testing experience for all.

The Benefits of Rosalyn.ai's Proctoring Solutions

Protect Your Assessments

Enhanced Exam Security

Our innovative AI-powered proctoring features deliver an unmatched level of security, safeguarding your exams and maintaining their integrity.

Delight Test-Takers

Improved Candidate Experience

Rosalyn.ai's seamless onboarding and non-invasive security measures create a stress-free, equitable, and enjoyable experience for candidates.

Scalability and Flexibility

Adaptable and

Our proctoring solution grows with your needs, offering the flexibility to accommodate various exam types and candidate volumes without sacrificing security.

Robust APIs

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly merge Rosalyn.ai with your existing platform for a smooth, user-friendly experience, enhancing your exam security without disrupting your workflow

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