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- Put exam delivery on autopilot
- Proctor exams on demand 24/7
- Anticipate, detect & stop cheating realtime vs catching it after the fact
- Make exam a better and more comfortable experience for the learner.

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The only exam proctoring platform loved by students.

The gold standard assessment delivery and proctoring engine
Turn on proctoring for any exam within your Learning Management System, or assessment driver.
On-Demand Delivery
Let students take their exam anytime, anywhere even with low bandwidth internet.
Secure Test Environment
Identity verified in realtime.
Unauthorized apps and external devices are detected and prevented during the exam.
Live Proctoring
AI+human proctoring engine anticipates, detects, qualifies, corrects and stops exam violations in realtime.

We reimagined how exams are delivered, proctored and experienced in the digital learning age.

The Only Purpose-Built Exam-Fraud Minimization Engine

Rosalyn's human-in-the-loop AI engine is built from the ground up to anticipate, detect, qualify, correct and stop exam violations, continuously getting better, smarter and more efficient.
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The models were trained using diverse & proprietary data from 500,000 exams delivered worldwide.
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Analyzes multiple datastreams simultaneously to uncover and escalate potential violations.
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No biometric data processed, compliant with GDPR and BIPA, map processes to the NIST standard.
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Works in ultra-low bandwidth internet (300kbps)

Student-Centric Tech-Based Deterrence 

We put students first by demotivating cheating. The easier it looks to get caught, and the worse the fallout, the less cheating occurs. Tech can catch students much more effectively than a teacher walking the rows. 
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Proactive, deterrence proctoring methodology
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Student-centric user experience
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Cutting-edge tech

Equity. Privacy. Security.

500k+ tests prove our AI correctly identifies all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or another factor like head movement. 
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Humans review all events
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Operational at low bandwidth 
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Zero invasive techniques

Security is central to our mission.

BIPA Compliance
TrustScore 4.0
Data Security
Our commitment to  data protection and care for privacy is reflected in how we design our products, how we implement operational security practices and the technology choices we make.
Data Privacy
Our customers' privacy is paramount. We don't ever process biometric information, while raining compliant with GDPR and BIPA regulations.
Third-party audits attest to and certify Rosalyn's security, data privacy and compliance controls to help meet customers' legal, regulatory, and organizational policy requirements.