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Proprietary AI Technology

Pioneering Exam Security with a Cutting-Edge AI

Body: Rosalyn's proprietary AI technology revolutionizes exam proctoring, addressing modern exam fraud challenges for digital-native students. Experience the benefits of our advanced platform.

          Seamless, secure, and equitable experience

          Continuous learning from hundreds of thousands of
          exams worldwide

          GDPR and BIPA compliantOptimized for low
          bandwidth internet conditions

Innovative Approach

Prevent Cheating Before It Happens with Proactive Proctoring from Rosalyn

Rosalyn's proprietary AI technology is a game-changer, designed to deliver exams for digital native students while tackling modern exam fraud challenges. Our purpose-built platform is the result of cutting-edge engineering and a commitment to providing a seamless, secure, and equitable experience for every student. With continuous learning from every exam, models trained on diverse and proprietary data from hundreds of thousands of exams worldwide, and compliance with GDPR and BIPA, Rosalyn.ai is ready to deliver unlimited exams anytime, anywhere—even in low bandwidth internet conditions.


Student-centric user experience


Proactive, deterrence proctoring methodology


Cutting-edge tech

Equity, Privacy, Security

Equity. Privacy. Security. Rosalyn.ai Delivers All Three

Over 500,000 tests prove our AI correctly identifies all students, regardless of race, ethnicity, or other factors like head movement. Rosalyn.ai is committed to ensuring that every student is treated fairly, with human review for all events, operational support in low bandwidth conditions, and zero invasive techniques.


Humans review all events


Operational at low bandwidth


Zero invasive techniques

Equity, Privacy, Security

Easily Integrate and Scale with Rosalyn.ai

Rosalyn.ai offers seamless integration with your existing assessment platforms, ensuring a unified and efficient online proctoring experience. Our solution is designed to grow with your institution, adapting to your changing needs and evolving requirements with ease.

Superior Student Experience & Accessibility

Prioritizing Student Experience, Equity, and Inclusion

Rosalyn.ai champions a positive, stress-free, and inclusive testing environment for students without compromising security. We strive to ensure fairness, accessibility, and equity for all test-takers while providing a smooth onboarding process and robust privacy protection.

Proactive Support & Training

Benefit from Proactive Support and Expert Proctor Training

Experience unparalleled customer support with our responsive and committed team, always available to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Our rigorous proctor training program produces skilled professionals ready to safeguard your assessments, ensuring the highest standards of exam security.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

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