Keep students honest and teaching quality high

Everyone just wants online proctoring that feels like their old offline testing. Confidence that most students won’t cheat, confidence to test in a comfortable atmosphere.
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Over 500K exams delivered by institutions, corporations and the US government.
How it Works
How it Works
For faculty and students, running Rosalyn is like it’s not even there. No role in the testing process is inconvenienced during monitoring. Flags are confirmed by proctors, who deter most cheating, then contact faculty if further resolution is needed.
Professors turn on proctoring for a course or exam.
Work right within any preferred LMS, with no need to learn extra software.
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Students start exams anytime, anywhere from their LMS
Stop inconveniencing students with scheduled testing.
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A locked-down browser provides a 100% secure testing environment
without feeling invasive.
Shut down all apps and external devices not approved for testing.
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Student ID image matched to authenticated test-taker identity.
Increase testing security by ensuring only the right student takes the right test.
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AI observes the test taker. Human proctors evaluate AI. All in real-time.
Without using biometrics, AI observes students and flags events for proctors to review in real-time. Proctors can send alerts and deterrence warnings one-way to students. If these fail, instructors are informed to handle further resolution
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Only incidents confirmed by humans are escalated.
Put an end to accusing students of cheating by addressing only genuine incidents deterred first by warnings from proctors.
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Everything you love about online proctoring, minus everything you don’t.
We get it. There was a lot wrong with online proctoring, and it’s still that way with a lot of other providers. Testing is hard to use and invades privacy. We hammered out every objection to online proctoring when creating Rosalyn. It’s online proctoring that everyone at school can get behind.
Purpose-built functionality: every feature included to solve a problem for faculty, students, and administrators.
Online proctoring tech is not advanced enough to go it alone. Humans have to confirm every flagged event before issuing directives and passing the information along to proper faculty.
Faculty Focus
The last thing your teaching schedule needs is complex tech eating up your time. Integrate it with your existing LMS and get exams going.
The convenience of on-demand testing from anywhere doesn’t have to come at the price of invasive and complex software. Students simply take their test like normal.
Available to All
Low bandwidth and spotty data cause interrupted testing and false flags. Rosalyn works even at 300kbps and was tested with all ethnicities so that it fairly identifies testing anomalies
Who doesn’t want to build a better student and faculty experience?
Better testing improves every aspect of a school’s operations. It helps build trust, save money, improve teaching and maintain the security that strong testing reputations rest upon.
Secure Testing
Test takers will always try to cheat, and some will always succeed, but we strive to achieve a 98% success rate on cheating deterrence. This is the highest level achievable before the testing starts to become invasive.
Reduce Costs Up to 80%
Eliminating friction with a simple scalable solution to online proctoring is guaranteed to cut your costs.
Get more time to teach
There is so much work required to complete before you can teach. Sometimes teaching feels like it gets the short end of the stick. Taking more off your plate means you can devote that energy to lessons and lesson planning.
Improve resource allocation
Rosalyn is affordable and likely will improve efficiency over your current solution, allowing you to allocate saved resources to more important usage.
1-1 Attention Ratio With Human-in-the-Loop Proctoring
Every test maintains a 1-to-1 ratio of proctors to students to maximize human confirmation of AI detection. Multiple proctors oversee events, not sessions, creating diverse input.
Humans Review All Events
  • During or after exams, humans always review
  • Real-time chat with students in correct confirmed behavior
Equity & Inclusion
With AI tested over 500,000 times with students of varying ethnicities around the world, our software more correctly identifies all students. It’s also less likely to falsely flag the atypical head or eye movement of neuro-typical individuals, or those with alternative sitting styles.
Works Even With Low Bandwidth
Not all students have access to high broadband speeds, but every student needs to be able to test when they want, which is why our software operates at speeds as low as 300kbps. Deliver exams no matter where students live, leading to less disconnected and unsuccessful exams
Q: What does Rosalyn Do?
When a student starts the exam Rosalyn’s Artificial Intelligence will start proctoring the examinee, and if the AI detects any events that violate the exam rules it will report it, in real time, to a human proctor so they can communicate with the test taker and/or confirm and report..
Q: How do professors receive the flagged events? Is it Real-Time?
Only Rosalyn proctors are able to receive flagged events in real-time. After the test taker finishes their exam, the Instructor will be able to review it..
Q: Does Rosalyn record students during the exam?
The student's records are stored in Rosalyn’s database. Currently Instructors and/or Administrators will have access to review test recordings.This data is retained based on the educational institution’s requirements and Rosalyn’s retention schedule up to a maximum of 3 years. A complete answer is available in Rosalyn’s Privacy Policy Section 3.2.
Q: Where will the student’s recording be stored after the exam? And for how long?
When reviewing a test session an instructor can view the entire session. Flagged events are highlighted on the video timeline so the instructor can easily find and focus on them.
Stop cheating immediately with zero learning curve
It’s easy to stay honest when you’re given the benefit of the doubt in the first place. Increase trust with online proctoring that puts students first.
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