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How it works.

Easy, simple & frictionless exam administration. No scheduling, learning curve, or faculty involvement in the proctoring process.
Easily enable Rosalyn for any exam.

Enable Rosalyn within your LMS or assessment tool with a single click. Easily set exam rules, format, and access to authorized materials.

Let learners take exams, anytime, anywhere on demand.

24/7 access via any LMS to Rosalyn’s student-friendly interface

Disable unauthorized apps or devices.

Shut down all apps and external devices not approved for testing. 100% browser security, 0% invasiveness. 

Verify learners identity

Human proctors verify each learner’s ID in real-time before exams begin.

AI detects & humans confirm in real-time.

AI anticipates and detect violations, then hands them off to trained proctors in real-time, who qualify, correct, or stop the behavior. 

6 Only review true violations. 

Don’t waste any time reviewing violations that are ill-founded.

Top Reasons We’re Voted #1 by Students, Faculty & Admins

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Native add-on to current LMS.
Easily set up Rolsayn inside your LMS and enable proctoring at the course or sub-account levels. 
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Single click for any size.
Ready any any exam within your LMS with a single click. 
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24/7 on-demand delivery.
Remove friction, avoid no-shows and give students the flexibility of taking exams anytime. 
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Intuitively student-friendly.
High exam success with an exam journey designed with students in mind. 
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Low & unstable internet delivery tech.
Reduce disconnected and unsuccessful exams. Increase accessibility. Deliver exams no matter student bandwidth or location. 
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Real-time human ID verification.
Humans verify student identity in real-time without intrusive techniques like facial recognition. 
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Detect & prevent unauthorized apps.
Humans verify student identity in real-time and prevent unauthorized apps from operating during exams. 
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Detect & prevent unauthorized devices.
Prevent external devices from operating during testing. 
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Real-time AI violation anticipation, detection & escalation.
A purpose-built AI engine consistently predicts, detects, machine learns, and filters problematic behavior at every step of the exam fraud ladder. 
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Live human review and intervention.
Humans review flagged violations, then engage with test takers to stop problematic behavior in real-time. 
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Zero biometrics.
No intrusive tech means no intrusive tech. 
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Serious violation reporting.
Once confirmed by human proctors, violations flagged as serious by AI are shared. 

The only exam proctoring platform loved by students.

Security is central to our mission.

BIPA Compliance
TrustScore 4.0
Data Security
Our commitment to  data protection and care for privacy is reflected in how we design our products, how we implement operational security practices and the technology choices we make.
Data Privacy
Our customers' privacy is paramount. We don't ever process biometric information, while raining compliant with GDPR and BIPA regulations.
Third-party audits attest to and certify Rosalyn's security, data privacy and compliance controls to help meet customers' legal, regulatory, and organizational policy requirements.

What makes us different?

Digital student experience is the student experience

Attitudes on cheating have hardly changed since the 90s, but students today are informed and entertained in less than 30 seconds on TikTok. 
We’re an online proctoring company that strives to stay on the cutting edge, instead of becoming a legacy software schools are forced to use. 

Nobody wants to catch cheaters.

It’s a lot easier to prevent cheating than to clean up after it. We make it clear that choosing to cheat won’t go well. 
High risk / reward ratio
State of the art AI anticipates violations proactively
Rosalyn's human proctors thoughtfully engage and deter cheating

Equity. Privacy. Security.

Tech should move things forward with equity and inclusion. Rosalyn does that by making sure everyone can test, and do so without worrying bout inequities. 

Customer needs are at the center of everything we do.

When it comes to innovating, we always start from first principles. When we set out to build Rosalyn, we knew we had to start with our customers - the reason why we exist in the first place.

For students, running Rosalyn is like it’s not even there.

Lets ensure the conversation is dictated by the majority of students who work hard, not the minority who cut corners. 

Upgrade to Rosalyn & solve online exam proctoring for good.